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We all come to times/events in our lives where we need guidance to empower ourselves while receiving trusted guidance. If you're ready to heal from past wounds, take your life experience to the next level, learn new coping skills, address specific issues; now is always the time. If you are ready to make the commitment to your own empowerment, it is time.

Private Sessions

Specializing in resolving root issues underlying the cause of symptoms resulting in emotional dis-ease, suffering, maladaptive behaviors, relationship issues and self-sabotage, Ginnie Love, PhD is an expert and pioneer in web, email and phone based therapies, counseling, coaching and consulting. With decades of practical experience her unique holistic mind-body integration techniques enable her clients to uncover deep rooted conflicts and create the lives they long for. 

​Dr. Love accepts a limited number of clients monthly. Dr. Ginnie offers online & phone counseling, coaching and consulting session to clients worldwide. To be added to her potential client and waiting list please send an email with "PRIVATE SESSION REQUEST" in the subject line to ginnie@drginnielove.com, fill out the form below to leave a confidential voicemail request.

Online & Phone Counseling, Life Coaching & ConsultinG Offering Session Worldwide BOOK Your Session NOW!

Session Process

Your Private, Confidential Session with Internationally Renowned Holism Psychotherapist & Relationship Expert Dr. Ginnie Love 


20 Minute Phone Consults $155 Often clients choose to select a spot read where Dr. Love can quickly share her intuitive impression and/or a client has a situation they wish to receive insight into not requiring a full session. If this resonates with you, the 20 minute session was created to meet your needs.

60 Minute Private Phone Session $325 (includes preliminary and post email consults)
This isn't your typical talk-therapy psychotherapy session. Uniquely designed to meet your needs, Dr. Love utilizes her clinical training and experience along with her gift of intuition to give clear, immediate, usable and practical information and guidance. During this session Dr. Love will intently listen and tune in to your concerns with her multifaceted eclectic clinical theory training, holistic (mind, body, spirit connection) knowledge and experience along with her gift of intuition to create a plan of tailored guidance, information and tools that you can immediately implement into your life and situation. Each session includes an emailed healing empowerment action plan that you will be able to begin to integrate immediately. One session can provide the foundation for life changing shifts.

Confidential Email Session $125 Includes total of four communications: 
1. Your initial email (guided instructions given to make the most of the session).
2. Dr. Love's expert and intuitive response with detailed steps for client to implement.
3. Your questions/report within two weeks.
4. Dr. Love's wrap up email detailing next step, should there be need for one.
Email sessions are designed to address ONE specific topic the client is seeking assistance. Other topics may interweave within the one and may be addressed briefly. 

Session Investment

Dr. Love is a nationally renowned expert in her field having been featured on the TODAY Show, Huffington Post, Everyday Health (the home of CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta), Lenny Letter (founded by creator, writer and star of HBO series Girls, actress Lena Dunham), Chicago Tribune’s “Social Graces”, and national magazines including Prevention, Glamour, Women’s Health, Fitness, Travel + Leisure,

Men’s Health, Reader’s Digest and more. 

Services Available

"Ginnie Love's genuine concern for my well-being was evident from our first session. I am amazed at how different a session with her is compared to past therapy experiences. She helped me uncover the underlying issues that were causing my life to be out of control. Three sessions with Ginnie Love have done more for my depression than a decade of traditional therapy."

-A. Martinez

If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency contact your local law enforcement agency, 911 and/or hospital immediately. 

All sessions are conducted via phone, internet, and web. Often termed eTherapy, online counseling, coaching and consulting is becoming commonplace in our profession. Although the concept is not a new one; Dr. Sigmund Freud conducted psychotherapy during his days of practice via letter.

Dr. Love is a pioneer in the field having practiced eTherapy for over a decade. Her techniques are refined and clients reports comfort after the first session along with an appreciation for the convenience and privacy phone and email sessions provide. 

Once you have been contacted to set up an appointment time for your session with Dr. Love you will receive a brief form to complete with a option to 'free write' your personal concerns that you would like to discuss with Ginnie.

Confidential and Convenient Sessions by Telephone and Email

Individual Sessions
Couple Sessions

Online & Phone Counseling, Coaching & Consulting Sessions

Sessions offered Worldwide
Private and Confidential Email Sessions

Expert Relationship Counseling & Coaching
Mastery Life Coaching for Personal Development
Spiritual Development and Guidance (do you feel you have gifts untapped)
Professional Consulting
Individualized Hypnotherapy Sessions (recorded upon request)
Anxiety Recovery
Master Level Mindfulness and Meditation Training
Grief Recovery
Chronic Illness Counseling (including, not limited to, Auto-Immune Disorders, Lyme Dis-ease, ME / Chronic Fatigue, Cancer)
Sexual Abuse Healing Therapy
Mid-Life Transition
Overcoming Self-Sabotage
Step of Learning to Love Yourself
Energy Work (understanding and utilizing)

The topics are limitless…